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The amount of stuff on the web about Mustangs will blow you away.  Just do a Google search for "P-51 Mustang" and see what happens.  Here are a couple of the links I liked.

Bud Anderson is a genuine triple ace American hero.and a gentleman.  And if you enjoy reading about real Mustang action, his book To Fly and Fight should be #1 on your list.Bud Anderson Photos

P-51 sights and sounds.pretty good fly-by. You Tube Link

This is one of the best Mustang low passes I've seen. Great job with the sound. YouTube Link

Early in the book, Roseanna belly lands a P-39 in Canada. There are only one or two of them flying now, but here is what one looks like. YouTube Link

Here is a clip of the classic German fighter that Waldo and Roseanna go up against. There were more of these Bf-109s made during WWII than almost any other fighter. There are only one or two left in airworthy condition in the world. YouTube Link

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