A new WWII historical fiction novel featuring the P-51 Mustang and a cast of characters you won't believe. Roseanna’s Reply is a sweeping wartime saga that defies traditional story lines of the past. Welcome to the author's website!

Roseanna’s Reply is a big story set in a time that many consider America’s finest hour. Unfortunately, the first hand memories of that time are rapidly fading away. This book brings those days back to life in a way that is interesting, exciting and accurate. Historical fiction? Aviation history? Murder mystery? Love story? You decide.

"Reading Rosanna's Reply is like taking a drink out of a fire hydrant."
Captain James A. Lovell | Mission Commander, Apollo 13

The story touches on so many different aspects of WWII that certain passages are bound to pique the interest of readers whose reaction might be, “Gee, I didn’t know about that…I’d like to know more.”

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New hardback collector's edition 511 pages.

         Historical Fiction WWII Novel Rosearnna's Reply

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